Management Drives provides an insight into what drives you – and your colleagues – enabling you and your team to communicate and function more effectively at work.

Drives are what motivate you, and are predictors of behaviour. We measure these Drives, to help you to perform better at work and to get the best out of your team and your organisation.

Why can’t I seem to get on with my manager? We’re just not on the same wavelength.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement is critical to the success of your organisation – when your team is passionate about what they do, their energy and enthusiasm becomes a driving force. Recent research studies by the CIPD show that the single most important factor influencing engagement is having a meaningful job, and that managers are essential in helping individuals find this meaning. Yet only 50% of employees say their manager makes them feel that their work counts, and only 44% are given feedback on their performance by their manager.

Management Drives helps you ensure that your team members feel valued and that their work has a purpose. It provides a better and deeper understanding of your people, a simple language for communicating with them and a constructive method for approaching tasks and teamwork. These will increase satisfaction at work, resulting in enhanced levels of engagement.

Teams and tasks

Whether you’re facing team tasks, individual and group objectives or developing organisational strategy, Management Drives can simplify the process. Understanding what makes your colleagues tick will bring improvements in areas as diverse as talent management, teamwork, internal communications, leadership development and managing conflict. Our innovative approach enables you to define your mission and vision; set goals and focus; and create a framework for your team or company to carry out their task in the most effective way.

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