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You have arrived at this page if you are interested in either having a Management Drives session for your team, or in becoming a qualified Management Drives practitioner able to incorporate the approach into your programmes.


Our Management Drives workshops are fun, engaging and provide quick, valuable insight into you, your team and your interactions with other departments, your customers, suppliers and clients.

Whether you are embarking on a programme of change, continuing to enhance employee engagement or you just wanting things to run more smoothly, a Management Drives workshop will provide a solid starting point for improving team performance.

Qualification Training

Our Programme Partners play a very important role in broadening the use of Management Drives. Consequently our qualification training programme is rigorous in its assessment – whilst being intellectually challenging, emotionally engaging, practical and, of course, fun!

The results are plain to see and this approach works on many levels; for coaching, change management, organisational development and team working.

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