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We will tailor your workshop to your requirements but as a general guideline, here is the kind of thing to expect

Prior to the workshop participants will complete an online questionnaire. This takes about 20 minutes and is designed to draw out what drives you – and what you don’t respond to as well! Once completed, qualified Management Drives practitioners collate and assess the results, both at an individual profile level and also as a whole team.

The workshop tends to be a full day – explaining the drives, feeding back individual profiles, exploring their logic, what drives they reject, their energy balance and thinking styles. We then explore the group dynamics and complete an interactive culture assessment to gauge the perception of the team; where they see opportunities for improvement, what they want to avoid, how the rest of the business view them as a group.

Of course we make it fun and energising - using a variety of multimedia and engaging activities to embed understanding. Each participant receives a copy of their profile, along with a comprehensive booklet to sustain that understanding of the results.

Depending on the requirements of the team, we can provide on-going support and coaching for individuals or the team as required.

Management Drives provides a simple language to discuss and resolve differences in communication style, approach and emphasis – removing any implied criticism and allowing individuals to move forward constructively, together.

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