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Fill in a short web-enabled questionnaire and a qualified Management Drives practitioner will provide face to face feedback.

As an Individual:

Here you will find out what drives and motivates you as an individual, your logic pattern, the behaviours you are averse to, your energy balance and thinking style.

Being aware of your drives and behaviours is the first step in developing behaviours within key situations and in understanding your impact on others.

The true value of this approach is demonstrated when individual profiles are brought together to build a team profile. Understanding the profile of those who you work with will significantly enhance lines of communication between team members. A common language is instilled that enables teams, individuals and managers to discuss tensions, highlight blind spots and enhance team strengths.

     As a Team:

The interactions with other areas of the business, with customers, between managers and their team or within the board can also be explored and understood.

Management Drives practitioners will run an initial workshop with you and your team, drawing out the appropriate programme of actions resulting from the session. This can then be supported through a programme of individual or team coaching.

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