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As a Programme Partner:

Train and qualify as a Programme Partner and use the insights, knowledge and experience of Management Drives to enhance the delivery of your programmes in team and individual development.

Management Drives’ partners range from large international companies and European national authorities to self employed training professionals, who use Management Drives in their daily practice - with great results!

The approach is fresh, innovative and easy to apply.

The qualification process involves is a 5 day interactive programme to embed both the individual and team profiles. This is an assessed course and once qualified, you are then supported in your use of Management Drives, through:

  • access to your own online test facility, where you manage the individual and group tests
  • access to online materials and support in programme development
  • annual Partner Day – an opportunity to network with other Management Drives partners, to discuss and embed learning, advise of new developments and share approaches
  • social media links
  • access to Management Drives NL expertise and support
  • We run open courses in Buckinghamshire – click here to find out more.

    There are also Management Drives publications which support the theory in a practical application of the drives. Find out more here...

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