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Management Drives offers you valuable and lasting benefits, whether for yourself, your team or your organisation.

What are the benefits for me?

Management Drives teaches you how to identify, understand and make use of Drives, which are the deeper factors that motivate you and lie beneath your behaviour. You will learn to recognise your own Drives first, and then those of your colleagues. Awareness is the first step towards developing and modifying behaviour – and as a result of discovering your Drives, you will become more aware of your own behaviour, the reasons behind it, and its effect on your environment.

Within a team, you will gain valuable insight into what drives your colleagues and why they behave the way they do. You will understand how to communicate with them most effectively, how to work with them in a more productive and harmonious way, and what you can do – as a manager or as a peer – to help them perform to the best of their abilities.

What are the benefits for my team?

Not every group of individuals is a team. Using team design sessions, we examine the team’s goals and provide practical tools to get the best from the Drives of all the team members. Team coaching ensures that the optimal behaviour identified in these sessions is embedded in the team’s culture, operations and management.

We offer guidance in the following areas:

  • Team building – improve co-operation and ensure optimal performance. Management Drives will create a custom-made session for your team
  • Team design – guidance on creating the most effective project teams, planning tasks and using the Drives of team members in the most productive way at each stage of the project
  • Team diagnosis – is the team well suited to their task? Does their task call for an approach involving renewal, improvement or stability? Which Drives are missing from the team? We use our six step model to lead the team to the best possible outcome.

  • What are the benefits for my organisation?

    At the heart of organisational development lies the congruence principle – the idea that for an organisation to be healthy, its constituent parts must all be aligned, working towards common goals, values and outcomes. In other words, the company needs the right people for the right task with the right working methods, culture and leadership.

    In order to help organisations achieve congruence, Management Drives focuses on the “soft” factors – culture and Drives. Managers often struggle with these factors, because they seem difficult to define and pin down, or seem to have developed organically by themselves. Management Drives can measure these softer factors quickly and reliably, making the organisational culture quantifiable and therefore open to change.

    Individual drives are combined into team drives and supplemented by measurements of culture and perception, giving a clear picture of what is happening within the organisation.


    Organisational development based on Management Drives includes the following steps:

  • Cultural diagnosis – identifying team/department culture, covering strengths, pitfalls and blind spots
  • Culture tracking – practical implementation to achieve the desired changes, using the six step model
  • Organisational design – intentional creation of a new culture for the organisation
  • Support – in leadership training, coaching, change management and project management

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