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Drives are what motivate you, and are predictors of behaviour. We measure these Drives, to help you to perform better at work and to get the best out of your team and your organisation.

Management Drives is distinctive because:
  • It’s easy to grasp and apply – you’ll start using it within a few hours
  • It’s extremely flexible and capable of high levels of subtlety, despite its simplicity
  • It provides a common language which will improve communication and understanding between you and your colleagues
  • It's applicable to individuals, teams and organisations
  • It measures drives which are indicators of behaviour - it is not a personality test
  • It reveals your energy balance, making explicit those activities that you get a buzz from and those you find draining
  • It doesn’t force you into a predetermined category – our unique approach allows for shades of grey in your profile (or green, or orange…)

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