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Sarah Sheppard

Sarah’s extensive experience in consultancy, working on a host of manufacturing strategies and supply chain design projects, has convinced her of the importance of both technique transfer and team development. Finding an answer is only part of the solution; equipping the team to communicate and work together effectively, implement and manage the change is vitally important for the success of the project – and beyond!

She was introduced to Management Drives over 4 years ago and it clicked immediately; a practical, people focussed tool that was easy to grasp, offered a language for the tensions and misunderstandings in a group and above all enabled teams and individuals to work better together.

This all fits well with Sarah’s Green-Orange-Yellow logic; she is motivated to improve working relationships within groups, wants the approach to be practical and useable and likes the fact it is based on sound theory without being too difficult to get your head around! Sarah’s passion for the system and its benefits has led her to become a Master Practitioner and accredited Trainer (that‘s her Orange drive back again!).

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